Westborough Education Technology Fund and The Westborough Public Schools are Proud to Offer Westborough Students, Teachers, and Staff the “Fund a Project” Campaigns.

Fund a Project campaigns allow Westborough teachers, student, and staff to enhance their classroom’s, schools and most importantly students through the use of technology and technology related projects. Projects that inspire greater learning, curiosity and growth directly for your children. Local teachers, administrators, and others are invited to request a ‘Fund a Project’ campaign so that they can experience in a short time frame projects within their classroom, grade levels, or school that encourage our kids to use technology in ways that better their education and learning experience. Technology that not only helps them educationally but also prepares them for the real world of technology that we live, work and play in.

Individual teachers, through the responsible use of technology can now realize new and innovative ways to engage, educate and challenge our kids everyday. But its only possible with the support of each of you! Teachers are calling out to you to not only donate but to spread the word to your neighbors and fellow schoolmates. These “community” based campaigns allow a teacher/administrator to rally a group that is in many cases directly affected by the campaign. Giving is easier when you know you will directly experience the benefit of your small gift on a much larger scale. So please don’t hesitate. Look at the list of campaigns we have currently and please support one today. As well all donations are tax free and deductible as according to the IRS laws governing giving to a non-profit 501(c) (3) charity.

WETF “Fund a Project” Campaigns:

Current Active Campaigns:

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Completed “Successful” Campaigns:


Westborough Unplugs Campaign – Raising $1,300 – SUCCESS – Thank you!


Mill Pond Makerspace Campaign – $22,458 – SUCCESS – Thank you!


Gibbons Robotics Campaign – $22,582 – SUCCESS – Thank you!


Donation Campaign – Hastings – 3rd Grade SUCCESS – Thank you!

Donation Campaign – Fales – All Grades – Brightlink SUCCESS – Thank you!

Donation Campaign – Gibbons – 7th and 8th Grade SUCCESS – Thank you!

Donation Campaign – Fales – 2nd Grade SUCCESS – Thank you!

Donation Campaign – Armstrong – 2nd Grade  SUCCESS – Thank you!

Donation Campaign – Armstrong – 1st Grade SUCCESS – Thank you!