Requested by 2nd Grade Teaching staff | Armstrong Elementary School  | Vetted by WETF and WPS
Help the 2nd Grade at Armstrong Elementary School ‘Soar to Success’ by Implementing iPad Educational Tools into the Classroom

Help us to further enhance our already wonderful educational environment for the second grade students at Armstrong Elementary. WETF (in conjunction with the Westborough Public Schools) allows us the unique opportunity to request funds for approved projects to extend beyond the budget.  One of the major goals of WETF and WPS is to celebrate and nurture teachers that strive to better their students and selves using the power of technology that is properly implemented into the education environment.  By “crowd-sourcing” these requests to a small group we can divide the cost such that each individuals donation is small and the results directly impact the donors themselves. We ask that you consider making a donation.

At Armstrong our 2nd Grade staff have consulted and are excited at the possibilities of this requested grade wide donation campaign. Through the use of Apple iPads™ and unique educational applications geared towards 2nd grade learning we are seeking to implement more innovation into our classrooms.  With 6 iPads™  we can impact learning across the span of the day for both individuals and for groups of students.  Team presentations, project research, individual skills work, and a full range of innovation can be a part of each classroom in the 2nd grade with the addition of these instructional tools to be a part of our learning experience.

It is evident that iPads™ serve as a strong instructional tool in our school. It allows for advancement in students knowledge of technology, and also enables them to showcase their learning in a variety of ways: visual, speech recordings, drawings, written, etc. which is an essential component in all early childhood classrooms. Many of the applications used on an iPad™ are also free and user-friendly. Not only will these iPads™ allow students alternative learning avenues that they haven’t yet been exposed to, but they will also address the National Educational Technology Standards for students.

Help us make this happen for Westborough students.

$479.00 x 6= $2,874, with $100 for Apps.

Total $ 2,974.00

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THIS CAMPAIGN IS DONE- Completed May 31, 2015.