Gibbons LEGO Robotics Campaign is a Big Success

WETF PRESS RELEASE | For Immediate Release |August 1st, 2017
WETF is pleased to announce that the Gibbons 7th grade campaign for a new robotics class is now complete.

At the end of the 2016-2017 school year. The Gibbons 7th grade robotics campaign successfully raised almost $24,000 to help fund the first required robotics course in Westborough Public Schools.  This campaign excited so many in Westborough from local businesses to parents and teachers alike! STEM classes like this one will help make a real difference in our student’s education.

In early June Westborough Education Technology Fund (WETF) announced a new and exciting campaign to raise funds for the Westborough Public Schools(WPS) to help fund the first “required” robotics class in Westborough history. Within a couple months the campaign was not only complete but exceeded its goal.

The administration of WPS and the officers and supporters of WETF want to thank everyone for their support and very generous donations. Without your support our charity would not be able to make such classes possible for our children.

Look soon for more new and exciting STEM oriented campaigns that will spark the learning of all Westborough students!

Learn about the details of this campaign here.