Requested by 3rd Grade Teaching staff | Hastings Elementary School  | Vetted by WETF and WPS
Help the 3rd Grade at Hastings Elementary School ‘Enhance, Engage, and Excite’ by Implementing iPad Educational Tools into the Classroom

Help us to further enhance our already wonderful educational environment for the third grade students at Hastings Elementary. WETF (in conjunction with the Westborough Public Schools) allows us the unique opportunity to request funds for approved projects to extend beyond the budget.  One of the major goals of WETF and WPS is to celebrate and nurture teachers that strive to better their students and selves using the power of technology that is properly implemented into the education environment.  By “crowd-sourcing” these requests to a small group we can divide the cost such that each individuals donation is small and the results directly impact the donors themselves. We ask that you consider making a donation.

iPads™ have the power to enhance, engage, and excite the learning for our children. Westborough Public Schools provide rigorous, high performing, successful education for our students.  It is evident, starting in Pre-K through High School that Westborough Public School does an excellent job of preparing our students for future success. Integrating iPads™ into our classrooms will ultimately bring our students’ education to new levels and will provide them with creative opportunities to express and communicate their learning.  Dr. Anna Nolin says it perfectly, “There are two paths in front of us: one in which we destroy our strengths in order to “catch up” with others in test scores and one in which we build on our strengths so that we can keep the lead in innovation and creativity.”  iPad integration in our Westborough classrooms will allow us to build on our strengths as a district, and enhance the excellent learning that is already taking place in our classrooms.

The third graders at Hastings Elementary School have an extensive curriculum.  We prepare our students for their transition to Mill Pond, an upper elementary school.  Third grade is a year of transformation as we watch our children grow into independent learners and thinkers.   The integration of iPads™ into our third grade classrooms will help prepare our students for using these devices as tools for learning rather than gaming systems.  Students will have opportunities to acquire new skills as they start to explore, understand, and grow in our ever changing world.

If we want to effectively integrate iPads™ into our classroom and see the positive benefits they have on our students learning, we cannot have students use them once or twice a week during their “assigned” time.  iPads must be integrated into our daily learning experiences.  Having iPads™ for small groups of students will encourage collaboration and small group work in the classroom.  It will also allow for individual student enrichment as well as modifications to the curriculum based on student need.

The picture of how iPads™ could be used day-to-day in the life of a third grader is clear. Envision small groups of students conducting a science investigation on the growth of a plant, and using the iPad as a tool to collect their data through pictures, videos, and voice recordings.  Furthermore, the Common Core standards in math strive for students to problem solve and explain their reasoning. Why not allow our children to use an iPad App to actively show their process and understanding of various concepts.   Additionally, students could use an iPad during reading to work on their fluency development.  Maybe a reading group could have an interactive discussion about a book they are immersed in. Beyond the walls of the classroom, iPads will increase the home school connection. Students work, creations, and growth can immediately be shared with parents.  It is a great way to show students learning during conferences and intervention meetings. The opportunities for iPad integration are endless, but students need multiple, frequent opportunities to access and use the devices for their learning to truly soar.

As an educator, differentiation is critical for the success of our students.   I am proud of the diversity within the walls of Hastings.  Every third grader is a unique learner, and I make it my goal to reach the needs of every child in the classroom.   I co-teach with the English Language Learner teacher and our daily goal is to help our ELLs access the curriculum and close the gap.  iPads™ will allow us to differentiate our instruction for our students, whether we are challenging our students or providing scaffolds and accommodations.  The visual, auditory, and creative components of iPads open many doors for all our students.

The benefits of iPads™ in the hands of our Hastings third graders are clear.  Eight and nine year olds are at a ripe age for growth and development.  We must start this innovative, exciting approach to learning now.  We want to foster the highest standards, academic and personal, for our students.  The core of our mission as educators is our children.  iPad integration prepares our students for the digital world, and opens the door for collaboration, communication, and creativity in our classrooms.

Engage our students, excite their young minds, and enhance the curriculum by integrating iPads™ into our day-to-day instruction! The Westborough School District provides rigorous, high performing, successful education for our students.  Placing iPads in the hands of our growing Hastings third graders will take the strong learning that is happening in our classrooms to new levels.  The core of our mission as educators is the success, achievement, and happiness of our students.  We strive to differentiate our instruction to meet the needs of all learners.  iPads in our classrooms will create opportunities for educators to challenge our students, and provide accommodations, ultimately allowing all learners to access the curriculum.

The visual, auditory, and creative components of iPads™ lead to endless opportunities for the growth of our children. iPads™ can impact our students throughout their day from individual learning experiences to group activities in all content areas.  Research projects, literacy and math building exercises, team presentations, individual content based work, and a full range of innovation can be a part of a 3rd graders learning journey with the addition of these instructional tools.

The Common Core Standards, the new NGSS Science Practices, as well as the National Educational Technology Standards for students demand a rigorous approach to the teaching and learning in our schools.  Westborough is excelling, but it is essential to go above and beyond allowing our young children to reach these new standards of learning in an innovative way.  It is our responsibility to prepare our students for the digital world, and open the doors for collaboration, communication, and creativity in our classrooms.

Help us make this happen for the Hastings 3rd Grade Westborough students.

$479.00 x 4= $1916, with $100 for Apps.

Total $ 2,016.00

THIS CAMPAIGN IS DONE- Completed June 15, 2016.