WPS and WETF Partnering to Bring Students the Westborough 1 to 1 Store

WETF PRESS RELEASE  | For Immediate Release | May 31, 2016
WETF and Cumulus Global Partnering to Offer Options for Students of Westborough’s Grade 10 thru 12’s One to One Program

Westborough, MA – WETF, the Westborough Education Tech Fund (www.westboroughetf.org) and Cululus Global have partnered together to bring Westborough Public Schools a ‘One to One’ store to aid in the new ‘One to One’ program being rolled out next school year 2016 for grades 10, 11, and 12. Westborough High School students and their parents can visit the new ‘One to One’ store for reference packages and/or purchasing options as vetted and approved by the Westborough Public Schools. A wide range of not only devices but accessories to protect and enhance the digital experience are available for each student. Also available are insurance options to protect your investment in technology for education.

WETF and Cumulus Global worked closely with the Superintendent’s office and the Director of Technology, to ensure that the stores offering cover the needs required by the district for all students.

To Learn more go to the stores blog located here: https://westborough.1to1-store.com/blogs/news/36244675-welcome-to-the-1-to-1-store

Visit the ONE to ONE store now.


About the Westborough Education Tech Fund (www.westboroughetf.org)

The Westborough Education Tech Fund is a volunteer run, non-profit created to support the advancement of education in Westborough schools through the use, support, integration, and public awareness of educational technology. The founders and members look to raise the standards of technology and tech education in the schools and in the lives of students in grades K-12 and to building community support and involvements in technology education efforts within the schools.

The Westborough Education Tech Fund is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and regulation.


Adam Halem, President, Westborough Education Technology Fund (WETF)