Helping India to Breathe

Bringing life saving technology to India to help them through this COVID-19 Surge

Your immediate support is greatly appreciated. Every minute counts.

The Westborough Educational Technology Fund (WETF) is working to help get needed life-saving technology to the areas hardest hit by the current COVID-19 surge. With the current crisis in India, we are putting our team and resources to work to help obtain oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and other technology in this extreme time of need.
Almost 1 in 6 Westborough residents is of Indian descent or has family in India. Our friends, coworkers, and neighbors have loved ones suffering the firsthand devastation that COVID-19 is bringing upon their nation.
Helping their communities is helping our community.
Hospitals are overwhelmed. Without sufficient oxygen supplies, patients go untreated resulting in over demand of ICU beds and preventable deaths. Without enough ventilators, seriously ill patients go untreated. Oxygen rich air can help many people power through COVID-19 and recover. Without it, people will continue to suffer and die.
While our mission is normally to support the responsible use of technology in our schools and community, these extraordinary times warrant extraordinary action. We are working to provide life-saving support in the form of oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and other technologies. We can help ease the pain of those suffering in India and their friends and families living in our community.
Please consider a donation.
As president of WETF with two kids in the school system, coach of a WYSA soccer team, owner of a web development company, I have countless friends, colleagues, soccer kids/families, and even employees that are suffering right now. Their pain is real their fear is justified. But we can do our part to make a small but important difference. I beg of you to please (if you can) consider a donation that we will route to charities and groups on the ground in India to deliver technology to spots that need it to help people breathe. Don't think just of the country of India that is so greatly suffering, think of the 1 in 6 of our neighbors and friends that are painfully watching this from afar.
Please donate below and help India to breathe